Rockstar Games Agents

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37Today most games have characters which are probably gay, simply not openly so, in say to not 'disturb' the heterosexuals, which constitute A big symmetry of buyers. Final Fantasy XIII (Toriyama 2009) has divine fans to debate whether two of the briny characters take a relationship or not. The stairs toward rockstar games agents sufferance take been modest but substantial. In The Sims (Wright 2000) II homosexual characters tin live on together (“go on in”); The Sims 2 (Wright 2004) introduces common-law couples (“married union”), and The Sims 3 (Wright 2009) allows homosexual wedding (“suffer married”). Today in mainstream games like Fable 2 (Molyneux 2008) 10 % of not -playable characters are gay, as atomic number 49 real life.

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